Founded in 2016, GALLERY 1/1 was one of the first galleries to specialize exclusively in one-of-a-kind photographic prints made with alternative and experimental processes. In the art world of photography, these are called “unique” prints and sometimes referred to as an edition one of one (1/1). Thus our moniker, GALLERY 1/1. 

We work with artists that combine a fresh contemporary approach with a variety of methods and mediums including alternative processes, experimental and historic darkroom techniques that produce photographic prints that are unique and irreproducible. Christie's recently identified "the materiality of prints" as a key current trend in photography collecting. 

GALLERY 1/1 is dedicated to championing the power of the photograph as an object of art. 

Check out our Collector's Guide that has some insights into the techniques and processes our artists employ.
Artist, collector and entrepreneur, Dan Shepherd, is the driving force behind GALLERY 1/1. Dan is always available to chat with artists, enthusiasts, and collectors about the gallery’s special focus. 

 Email: dan@gallery1of1.com Call: 1-855-GAL-1OF1 (1-855-425-1631)

We have recently relocated from our Seattle, WA gallery location to San Jose, CA where we will be organizing exclusive online exhibitions and pop-up collector events in the Silicon Valley area.

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