August 9, 2018
Aline Smithson featured in "Catalyst: Interviews"

Aline Smithson is an artist/educator/editor/all-around-great-person we love to work with and you can learn more about her in this interview with Michael Kirchoff the founding editor of Catalyst: Inteviews.

Excerpt of interest to GALLERY 1/1 collectors:

MK: With the proliferation of digital technology taking over the photography world, there seems to be some pushback from the analog world. We are beginning to see a trend of more and more photographers taking on historical processes. Do you feel this is exactly that, a trend, or that possibly people have a desire to return to the way we used to create work before the pixel took over?

AS: We took the film experience for granted—it was just the way a photographer worked: the slowed down nature of considering a photograph before you snap the shutter, the Christmas morning wait for the film to be developed, and then the hours of artistic consideration in the darkroom. It was very methodical, artistic, and soul filling.

I think there is a hollowness in shooting in digital—it’s all about screens. The photographer is not getting their hands dirty, not experiencing the physicality of working with film. I think that is one reason so many photographers have turned or returned to alternative processes. Those processes make photographs more artful, the photograph a more cherished object, and there is a lot of appeal to that.

Photographers are returning to film for a variety of reasons…there is magic to watching an image develop, to getting contact sheets back, and understanding the nuance that film brings to color imagery. As an editor and someone who looks at thousands of photographs on a regular basis, I can almost always spot a film image. There is a beauty and fragility to the colors that just aren’t there with digital. I’m afraid that digital will always outweigh the film world, but at least some of us are hanging on.

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