November 6, 2015
Gallery artist, Aline Smithson, celebrates her first monograph, Self & Others: Portrait as Autobiography with two exhibitions.

Aline Smithson's first monograph, Self & Others: Portraits as Autobiography published by Magenta, will soon be released this Fall 2016. As supporters of all things Aline, we already have a copy here at GALLERY 1/1 and we often get lost in its beauty. To celebrate the book launch she is having two concurrent exhibitions of prints from the monograph right now. If you find yourself in Santa Barbara, CA, stop in at Crista Dix's Wallspace Gallery for the show on view through 01/03/16 or if you find yourself in Santa Fe, NM, drop by Verve Gallery where Aline's portraits can be seen through 01/23/16.

When Aline is not giving you a glimpse of herself through the portraits of others, she tries to find time to slip into the traditional darkroom. There she will get her hands wet and make her mark on some unique prints that reveal a creative meditation on photography. GALLERY 1/1 has pleased to present a selection of those unique prints from Aline's ongoing series Shadows and Stains

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  • Evidence: Seen & Unseen Our inaugural exhibition which explores the revelations, mysteries and connections of photography as evidence.
    December 13, 2015 - April 9, 2016

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