Made By Hand – A showcase of unique photographic prints featured on the pages of The Hand Magazine

July 19 - September 15, 2018

GALLERY 1/1 is pleased to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of one of our favorite art publications The Hand Magazine with an exhibition focused on unique photographic prints by artists that have been featured in the magazine. The exhibition will include the following artists who excel at alternative and experimental photography and create one-of-a-kind handmade prints. Ross Faircloth, Megan Griffin, Claire Gilliam, Sarah Hadley, Jamie Johnson, Antonio Martinez, Paula Riff, Dan Shepherd, Aline Smithson, Ross Sonnenberg, Andrew Sovjani, Brianna Tadeo, Andrew K. Thompson, Harrison Walker, and Melanie Walker.

Exhibition Opening: Thursday, July 19th 6 - 9 p.m. during Ballard Night Out Art Walk.  

The Hand - A Magazine for Reproduction-Based Art is dedicated to being the world’s premier forum for innovative and experimental uses of reproduction-based media. We are interested in how artists include their own hand in the art object while utilizing mechanical or reproduction-based techniques. We are interested in publishing any and all forms of photography and printmaking; whether the work is strictly a photograph or print, or whether the work incorporates these processes in a sculptural, multi-media or collage format.

The Hand is a non-profit print magazine published four times a year out of Kansas City, MO by photographer & educator Adam Finkelston along with co-editor and designer James Meara.

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Paper Camera Small 08 Ross Faircloth
Paper Camera, Small 08
Silver-Gelatin Paper
Blue Woman II Claire Gilliam
Blue Woman II
Silver-Gelatin Photogram
Molecular Stitch 6 Megan G. Griffin
Molecular Stitch 6
Archival Pigment Print with Embroidery
Desire Under The Trees Sarah Hadley
Desire Under The Trees
Mixed Media Collage
How to Hug and Other Sublimations of Men 16 Antonio Jacob Martinez
How to Hug and Other Sublimations of Men (#16)
Varnished Archival Pigment Print with Hand Abrasions
Paula Riff
Cyanotype on Hand-Marbled Paper
Through the Unknown Dan Shepherd
Through the Unknown
Diazotype (Blue Print Paper)
Sample image 2 Aline Smithson
To Stand Sturdy
Hand Painted Silver Gelatin Print
Color Bang Ross Sonnenberg
Color Bang # 111
Chromogenic Color Photogram
Fabrication of Space V Andrew Sovjani
Fabrication of Space V
Chemically Altered Silver-gelatin Print
Blood Print 84 Brianna Tadeo
Blood Print 84
Chromogenic Chemical Blood Print
Untitled (Red Landscape with Burning Tree) Andrew K. Thompson
Untitled (Red Landscape with Burning Tree)
Chemically Altered Chromogenic Print with Thread
Portal 080 Harrison Walker
Portal 080
Van Dyke Brown on Fabriano Artistico
Portal 115 Harrison Walker
Portal 115
Cyanotype, Van Dyke Brown, Gum Bichromate and Conte Crayon on Rives BFK
Navigation Without Numbers 7 Melanie Walker
Navigation Without Numbers 7
Cyanotype on Bamboo Frame
Navigation Without Numbers 8 Melanie Walker
Navigation Without Numbers 8
Cyanotype on Bamboo Frame